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Participating in whatever this Titty Malaysia takeover is:


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its like the tittymalaysiapocalypse

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Defiance Theme Week 3: Friendships.
※ Jaime Murray & Julie Benz

Jaime and I have been best friends since we met on ‘Dexter,’ It’s one of the reasons I took this job too, because if I was going to go on location to do a series, how great would it be to go with one of my best friends and get to work with her. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of scenes together, because we cause too much trouble. We’re like the bad kids in class getting yelled at all the time, but we do have some , and it was just great to be a part something together. [x]

We actually became really great friends on Dexter - I was her bridesmaid last year and we’re really close, it’s great to have a friend up in Toronto on location. The great thing about Julie Benz is… she’s a great cook. She loves to cook and I love to eat! We have a few scenes together - we wanted more, but I’m not sure how well-behaved we are when we’re together! We give each other the giggles too much, I think. [x]

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imagine rachel duncan losing her temper

imagine rachel duncan yelling at someone

imagine rachel duncan grabbing sarah someone and pushing them against the wall because she’s so angry


#pushing sarah against the wall #pushing sarah over a desk and scattering her immaculate papers and trinkets all over the floor #pushing sarah into a bed and getting tangled in the pristine white sheets #rachel and sarah #pushing #yes

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to me, the lead actresses of ob will probably always be tatiana maslany, evelyne brochu, and the one who plays cosima

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ranting about bangel some things never change

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I think the hiatus made this fandom a bunch of crackheads. weve spent too much time in the ballpit smoking with Cosima

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